About Obtaining Licensure in the State of Nevada (No Reciprocity)

Thank you for your expressed interest in obtaining licensure in the State of Nevada under the jurisdiction of the Board of Oriental Medicine. Please note that there is no reciprocity with other states or countries regarding the Nevada OMD license. You have to apply for the Nevada OMD license if you want to practice Oriental Medicine in Nevada.

Licensure Process

The following are instructions to help you in completing your application; please read through them carefully. Incomplete applications will not be processed

1. Read the entire application before writing a single answer

By familiarizing yourself with the questions and the paperwork you can better organize your time and provide more complete answers. Please complete all pages of the application.

2. Write Legibly

If the application is illegible it will not be processed in a timely manner.

3. Required Transcripts

Contact your school/training program for transcripts and have them send the paperwork, sealed and certified, directly to our board office. There might be a fee for these documents. Please call ahead and inquire what the fee will be and attach it along with your request for the transcripts. Any transcripts or translation fees will be an additional cost incurred by you.

4. Score Reports

Copies of National score reports, which show results from passing the exams for the Oriental Medicine Certification and being certified from the National Organization NCCAOM, must be sent directly to the board office from NCCAOM. (We do not accept the Oriental Medicine Certification from non-examination).

5. Copies of Degree(s) 

Copies of degree(s) from an accredited college or university in the United States, if applying pursuant to NRS 634A.140(1), must be sent directly to the board office from the institution sealed and certified. OR if applying pursuant to NRS 634A.140(2) evidence to prove you have lawfully practiced Oriental medicine in another state or foreign country for at least 4 years must be sent directly to the board office from the issuing agency sealed and certified. The requirement is EITHER a bachelors degree OR previous licensure for at least 4 years, NOT BOTH.

6. Submittal of Other Relevant Documents

Obtain and submit with your application any documents that are relevant to the applicant’s background and personal history for the Board’s investigation (i.e. judgment of conviction, satisfaction of judgment, or order resolving disciplinary action in another jurisdiction).

7. Verification of Licensure or Membership in Professional Societies

Verification of licensure or membership in professional societies, if applicable, should be sent directly to the board from the institution sealed and certified. There may be a fee for these documents, please call ahead and inquire what those fees might be.

8. Notarized Application Pages

Pages 12, 13 and 15 of the application must be notarized. The release and declaration statements must be submitted to the board’s office as part of the completed application.

9. Attestation of Good Character

Page 16: Any person can attest to your good character and moral behavior because they have worked with you or belong to the same personal or professional organizations. It cannot be your married spouse, a relative by marriage, or a blood relative. Provide at least one attestation and send with your application packet.

10. Application Fee

Attach a money order, cashiers check or personal check in the amount of One Thousand dollars ($1,000.00) made payable to the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine for the application fee. This fee is for the processing of your application only. If you do not submit a fee of $1,000.00 with your application to the Board your application will not be accepted or processed.

11. Fingerprints

A completed fingerprint card must be submitted with your application. Your fingerprints must be done by an authorized person at any authorized place authenticated by any local governments such as police departments, Sheriff’s office or other authorized fingerprint locations. There is a $40.25 fee for processing your fingerprint cards. The fee is paid to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and must be in the form of a Cashier’s Check. If any further investigations are needed the costs arising from extra investigations are the applicant’s responsibility. Fingerprints must be readable. If your fingerprint card cannot be processed, it must be done again and additional fees may be required. Also, for your fingerprints to be processed, please print out the Fingerprint Background Waiver from our website, fill it out, sign it and include it with your application. Your application cannot be completed without the fingerprint results.

12. Application Process Timeline 

The application process will take a minimum of three (3) months. State Board exams are given twice per year in June and December and the Board has the discretion to offer more exams in March/April or September/October. The deadline to submit your application to the board is at least 90 days before each exam. There are no exceptions or extensions for these deadline dates. The fee to take this State Board exam is $1,000.00 (One Thousand Dollars). This fee is in addition to the application fee and is due upon approval to sit for the practical examination.

To review the regulations and statutes listed above please visit

If you have questions, please contact the Board Office

The board employs their staff as independent contractors. The office is not routinely staffed for walk-in traffic or personally answered calls. When you call the board you will receive a voice mail message. Please leave a message and the Executive Director will return your call.

Phone: (702) 675-5326