About Obtaining Licensure in the State of Nevada (No Reciprocity)

Thank you for your expressed interest in obtaining licensure in the State of Nevada under the jurisdiction of the Board of Oriental Medicine. Please note that there is no reciprocity with other states or countries regarding the Nevada OMD license. You have to apply for the Nevada OMD license if you want to practice Oriental Medicine in Nevada.

Types of Applications

Nevada offers 2 types of Applications for Licensure. They are:

  1. Application. This Application is for applicants who have been licensed for less than 6 years out of the past 8 years;
  2. SB69 Application by Endorsement. This Application is for applicants who have been licensed for more than 6 years out of the past 8 years.

The requirements are listed on the Application and the SB Application by Endorsement.


  1. FINGERPRINT CARD: Please make sure that you complete, sign and date the Fingerprint Background Waiver Form prior to having your fingerprints taken. The Fingerprint Background Waiver has to pre-date the date on your fingerprint card. The fingerprint site will provide the fingerprint card. Please include the completed Fingerprint Background Waiver, Fingerprint card, and cashier's or certified check made out to the Department of Public Safety with the correct amount (stated in your Application Form instructions) along with your Application Form and Application Fee. The Department of Public Safety does not accept personal checks. Fingerprints must be readable. If your fingerprint card cannot be processed, it must be done again and additional fees may be required.
  2. LIVESCAN FINGERPRINTS: Please make sure that you complete, sign and date the Fingerprint Background Waiver Form and include this waiver form with your Application and Application Fee. You do not have to send a check for your fingerprinting fees as the LIVESCAN facility will collect all fingerprinting and processing fees from you.
  • You must complete the fingerprint background check as part of the application process. Your application is not complete without your fingerprint results. Below are links for the fingerprint waiver form and the fingerprint sites in Nevada. Please start this process as soon as possible as it can take up to 3 months to get the fingerprint results back.  You should go to an authorized fingerprint site such as your local police station or an approved fingerprint site for your fingerprint card or LIVESCAN. You are responsible for setting the appointment.  If there are any further necessary investigations, you will be responsible for the additional costs.
  • Fingerprint Background Waiver Form
  • Fingerprint Sites in Nevada


The application process may take several months. State Board exams are given twice per year in June and December and sometimes in March/April or September/October depending on the number of applicants. It is recommended that you submit your application at least 4-6 months ahead of the month you wish to take the exam. PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR OFFICIAL NCCAOM ORIENTAL MEDICINE CERTIFICATION AT LEAST 45 DAYS PRIOR TO THE STATE LICENSING EXAM DATE.